fredag 10 maj 2013

Process development or decommission

People seem to think that process implementation is about a design phase and a implementation phase. Once it is in place you are done? I think nothing could be more wrong (well actually allot could be more wrong but just bare with me on this). To actually get a beneficiary evolving process you need to care for it. Being actively caring is the key for the process evolution so lets call that management :)

To manage your process you can develop it along with time and adjust it for better compliance or efficiency but if you do not nail the effectiveness whats the point? Some call it effectiveness and some call it outcome but let us agree on that every process has a purpose and for sure the purpose has to add value for someone and that someone is probably not you!

So what happens if you do not actively manage your processes. well one thing we do know and that is that everything change. So basically if you do not have active development you will have active decommission ("not to do" something is actually to do something as well). Your process will loose it's focus (effectiveness), not due to that it is changing, but due to the fact that the outcome will not match the changing business needs over time. 

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